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Our Story

We are a family owned farm. Father and Son, Joe and Jimmy started out the farm with grain farming, then added beef cattle and roasting pigs. In 2012 we added vegetable farming and our vegetable stand on the farm. 

As a business, we have grown over the years, and now have a transplanter to plant the fields. We currently grow over 30 acres of vegetables, 50 acres of sweet corn, and 50 acres of pumpkins.

We respect and value our relationships, our customers come first. We work with integrity. We have a  passion  for farming. We foster a strong sense of  community.  Our dedication  is shown by the countless hours of hard work. We work together as a  team,   as a  family.

We are Meyer Family Farms.

We Really Do Have It All.

We have bees pollinating our plants all season long, which produces the most amazing local honey. Our beekeeper keeps busy, and he loves what he does. This care and love is shown in the products we stock at our farm.

We also have locally raised, farm fresh eggs sold on the farm.

All meats raised on our farm are hormone & antibiotic free. They are pasture raised and finished with grain. We raise our beef around
1,800--2,200 lbs. The marbling is amazing. We sell packaged, fresh processed meat upon availability.






Seed to Table Anchor
What Does Seed to Table Mean?

Plants start leaving the greenhouse come the end of April/ early May in order to weather them, to then be transplanted into the ground. Our plants (your future dinners) get a lot of love throughout the process. Come planting time, we have a transplanter behind the tractor that we sit on to plant. We then go back over each row, and cover any plant that was missed by the wheel.

As the plants mature, the blooms get pollinated by our bees and start producing their wonderful goodies! We hand pick ALL of our veggies. Including the sweet corn and green beans.

That's what we call love. Everything is brought to you, by us.

We are a traditional farm. While you might not see an organic certification, you will see our family out in the fields day and night. You'll see veggies from the same harvest on both our table and yours. 


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